HT Remote Desktop

The fastest, most flexible, web based remote desktop in existence. Stop wasting your time installing something every time you want to access your computer remotely. Now you can open your web browser and feel like you are sitting in front of your remote computer.


This is a remote desktop designed from the ground up for speed. Years of development have went into improving its performance. When running on capable hardware it becomes possible to forget you that you are using a remote desktop. 60 FPS and beyond is achievable if the remote system has a dedicated GPU.

Web Based

You can access computers entirely online with any modern web browser. Simply open a web browser and go to your remote desktop. It is no longer a requirement to install a program both sides. Install HT remote on the computer you want to connect to and start using it right away. You could even connect with a chromebook if you want to.


This remote desktop can run smoothly on a 0.5mb/s connection. If you want more quality you can just increase the bitrate. By default it only uses 5mb/s. You can adjust the framerate and resolution to fit your needs.

Remote Terminals

A full terminal emulator is included with the remote desktop. With a built in window manager you can easily open up multiple terminals at the same time. It is even possible to use terminals while someone else is using the computer without disturbing them. With linux subsystems or SSH you can control remote servers with ease.


With features such as onetime passwords and encryption you can feel safe connecting to your computer. The backend services are designed to have a minimal attack surface. Even in the extremely unlikely event that an attacker managed to dump the database your computers will remain cryptographically secured.

Feature Rich

If all of the features were directly listed on this page, you would have a lot of scrolling to do to get to the bottom. Here you can see an overview of some of the major features.
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Here are some notable features

Two factorTwo factor authentication is available for extra security.
60 fpsOn capable hardware it is possible to run at 60 fps.
Mouse lockMouse lock allows you to use programs and even games that lock the remote cursor.
AudioAudio can be streamed in real time.
Multiple monitorsSupport for switching between multiple monitors is included.
TouchTouch input is transparently transferred to the remote computer.
View only modeView only mode makes it possible to watch without having to worry about accidentally dragging your cursor across the screen.
Mobile accessGet the android app to control computers from your phone.

Low Cost

Some other remote desktops charge as much as $50 per user. HT remote starts at only $5. Our pricing is designed to scale to fit the needs and budget of a small business to a large corporation. We even provide a free version for you to accomplish your personal hobbies. Whoa! You got here early. You can start using it for free with no restrictions. Check out the pricing page for more info. Also, early adopters will get special discounts in the future for being a part HT Remote from the beginning.